For more than 50 years Dennis Welch has gone into his writing room and worked
as if Garth Brooks or Adele were eagerly waiting outside his door to record his
next song.

Over the decades, Dennis would occasionally record a collection of his songs and put them out for the world to hear. Many of those songs wound up on the radio and for that he is beyond thankful. He has opened for Poco, worked with Kansas songwriter Kerry Livgren and a host of other notable musicians and songwriters through the years. Along the way he wrote some 500 songs and authored two books.

Then, in early 2020, something remarkable happened. He connected with Rich
Herring, a talented producer and the lead guitarist for Little River Band. They
began their working relationship with an inspirational song, Why Not Me? After
recording that song, Dennis sent it over to Nashville veteran producer, record
company owner and manager, Tony Mantor, who, unbeknownst to Dennis, was
recording an album of his own.

New Music Weekly
Why Not Me? at #2

When Tony heard the song he immediately decided
he wanted to record it and he even changed the title of his forthcoming album to
Why Not Me? The song- released in December of 2020- was played all over the
United Kingdom and for the past 8 months has climbed the New Music Weekly
country charts and stayed in the top ten for a whopping 15 weeks. It has even
inspired a children’s book that Dennis is currently writing with his granddaughter,

The Why Not Me? experience encouraged Rich and Dennis to continue to their
partnership and record an entire album of new music. The results have been
outstanding. In September of 2021, Dennis will be releasing his first commercial
album in more than twenty years, What Love Makes Us Do.

“In many ways, I feel like I am just getting started,” he says.

Dennis lives in Texas with his wife, Susie.