Why Not Me? A 2021 retrospective

If anyone had asked me when I was in my twenties if my sixties would be my best decade, I would have laughed out loud. Crazy, right?

And if my sixties are indeed my best decade, then 2021 is my best year. Ever.

It will be hard to top this 12 months. In July, Tony Mantor’s recording of my song Why Not Me? rose to the number one spot on New Music Weekly’s Country singles chart. That was after 15 weeks in the top 10!

Why Not Me? in NMW Indie Chart

Tony’s version of Why Not Me? also made the first Grammy ballot toward the end of 2020 for Song of the Year and Country Song of the Year. He also produced and directed a lovely video of the song that honors first responders.

I am grateful for all Tony’s efforts to promote the song. Outstanding.

Why Not Me? was the first collaboration between me and Rich Herring, a great friend and a remarkably talented musician and producer. We had such success with that song that we decided we would do one more, the Roy Orbison-ish I Can’t Remember.

We both really loved what happened with I Can’t Remember, so we then decided to record an entire collection of original songs. That became What Love Makes Us Do. Released in September 2021, that album appeared on the first Grammy ballot
in five categories: Americana Album of the Year, Roots Song of the Year, Song of
the Year, Country Song of the Year and Producer of the Year.

Susie came up with the cover concept and just like when I met her back in 1979, it
was love at first sight.

What Love Makes Us Do

We had a wonderful CD release party at Ovations in Houston on October 9th. My good friends, Sam Eddy and Wayne Maydwell accompanied me along with guitar slinger, Skip Purvis. My long-time friend and brother, Joel Schoenvogel was the emcee for the evening. It was a great night to be sure. I won’t soon forget it.

I did several radio interviews after the album came out, including an XM radio show and a top podcast (Episode 89).

I am grateful to my co-writers on the record (Allen Shamblin, Monte Warden, Lenny Cochrun, Will Callery and Rich Herring). What a privilege to get to work with such talents.

My hope is for other artists and music supervisors and producers to hear these songs and decide to record them for themselves. And I pray every day that What Love Makes Us Do makes the difference in the world that it was intended to make.

I learned a long time ago that inspiration comes in a lot of forms, and you can’t make it happen. In 2021, it just appeared in all its splendor and I am forever grateful. It has sent me back to my writing room with a vengeance and some interesting new songs have been written lately. God willing, we will record another record this year and release it in the fall of 2022.

I am excited about 2022. After the last 18 months I believe anything is possible. I also believe that our work here is never really done. If we look for it, there is something we all need to be doing in this world.

Thank you for your encouragement and support. Not just for this amazing year, but all along this remarkable journey we are on.

Have a safe and very happy New Year.


Welch Words 2021 Retrospective

What a year! Despite obvious challenges #becauseofthepandemic, Welch Words has been growing by leaps and bounds. Our song Why Not Me was adapted by Tony Mantor and found itself getting to the #2 and #1 spots on many radio playlists, which led to a new Dennis Welch CD. More about that later. But here are some things you may have missed.

For starters, we were honored to be featured in the wildly popular podcast of Kevin and Steph Mason. We were episode 89: https://kevinandsteph.com/ep89-dennis-welch/ What do you think?

We’ve also been featured in some high profile magazine and internet articles and interviews, for example:

Market Watch – Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams

This interview on James Miller’s LifeologyNothing in Your Life is wasted

And this from Americana Music Magazine: Texas Songwriter Dennis Welch

Plus an interview with Dennis on XM Radio which you can stream by clicking the link.

And finally, here’s a blog post in Dennis’ own words about this incredible year of 2021 – Why Not Me?

Dennis Welch on the LIFEOLOGY® Podcast!

On September 30 Dennis Welch had the opportunity to be the featured guest on James Miller’s very popular podcast LIFEOLOGY®, and it then aired Friday at 9:30 AM on all terrestrial radio, streaming radio, and digital platforms, etc.

Nothing In Your Life is Wasted | Dennis Welch on James Miller's LIFEOLOGY®
Nothing In Your Life is Wasted | Dennis Welch on James Miller’s LIFEOLOGY®

If you click here or on the image you can hear the entire episode, on video. Your feedback is welcome. Also y’all, on Saturday October 9, at 7 PM, catch Dennis and friends’ CD Release Party at Ovations Nightclub. Doors open at 6:30. Facebook event.

What Love Makes Us Do

Last fall on a crisp October morning, the text messages started coming in fast and furious.
“This is Awesome. Proud of you!”
Then, a message arrived from Tony Mantor, a long time Nashville veteran who had recorded my song, Why Not Me?

Just wanted to let you know that Why Not Me? has made the Grammy ballot for Song of the Year and Country Song of the Year.

Nashville SInger, Producer Tony Mantor
Nashville Singer, Producer Tony Mantor

I am rarely speechless, but I was shocked. I have been writing songs for almost 50 years. I take it very seriously. I go into my writing room and I work as if a star was waiting outside my door for the finished work. I parse every word and phrase. I read through every line over and over again checking to be sure that it all hangs together in every way. Even after I walk out of the room I think about it and obsess.

Every now and then I have recorded a collection of those songs and release them commercially.

The last one was in 2000. Songs From My Window Seat. Twenty one years ago.
Suddenly, at age 65, I have a song on the Grammy ballot in two categories. Just for fun I worked up and polished a Grammy acceptance speech. I rehearsed it with my wife, Susie. It would go something like this:

I would walk to the stage and stand behind the podium. Holding up the Grammy, and then I would say:
“If you’re out there and you have worked a really long time on something you know you are supposed to be doing and it hasn’t happened yet, Keep going. Keep working. Because you never know what’s just around the next corner.”
And that’s my message for you as well. I am releasing my first record in twenty years on September 1. I believe What Love Makes Us Do is my best work.

Produced by Little River Band guitarist, Rich Herring. I sat down this week and listened to the record in its entirety for the first time. I fought back tears as I listened.

Every note of every song reminds me that God’s timing is not my timing. Things happen when they are supposed to happen. My job and yours is to keep working and walking.

Because we never know what’s just around the next corner.

What Love Makes Us Do CD Cover